PARI Fuel Oil Additive

Improves energy efficiency and capacity

The PARI Fuel Oil Additive is designed to enhance fuel oil use in private households as well as large industrial complexes. By using PARI you can save up to 40% in fuel oil expenses and increase capacity without expensive investments.

The PARI Fuel Oil Additive significantly improves the already rather high energy efficiency of light as well as heavy fuel oil by improving the fuel oil's burning properties. This leads to up to 40% savings in fuel oil with all oil burner models. At the same time, the capacity typically increases by approx. 60%.

More efficiency from fuel oil

In addition to energy efficiency, the PARI Fuel Oil Additive improves the oil’s preservability and helps keep the burning system and chimney clean. Thanks to its stable burning process, the quality of the end products is improved, and the wastage caused by production technical reasons is reduced.

The PARI Fuel Oil Additive is designed for all light and heavy fuel oils. It can also be used with biodiesel (FAME) and renewable diesel.

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