The PARI Fuel Oil Additive helps utilise the energy content of fuel oil significantly more efficiently, which can in turn lead to oil savings of up to 40%. It is in this way that companies, regardless of size, can achieve significant savings. By using PARI, the capacity increases by approximately 60% which thereby creates new opportunities for companies to expand their business.

The PARI Fuel Oil Additive is used, for example, in property heating, power plants, agriculture, bakeries, vehicles and machines, as well as various production facilities. The energy efficiency increasing and economy improving effect of the additive has convinced businesses in several different fields. Please see our customer testimonials on our References page »

More energy efficient processes

Greater output means faster process progression, which in turn leads directly to the decrease of process wastage. In terms of heat transfer, the most essential thing is the heat radiation intensity that the fuel releases its energy content with. When the energy content can be released with high heat radiation intensity, the heat-demanding process will operate faster, in a more homogeneous way and with less interference. This leads to higher quality end products and less wastage caused by production technical reasons.

The PARI Fuel Oil Additive enables you to achieve more with less. By using our services, companies that use fuel oil as an energy source can improve their results with no immediate expenses or demanding investments.

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