The PARI Fuel Oil Additive enhances the transfer of the oven’s heat into the baked product, which in turn significantly speeds up the baking times. This in turn results in savings in fuel expenses, and enables bakeries to increase the baking capacity.

Customer testimonials on using PARI in bakeries:

  • The capacity of baking ovens grows.
  • Demanding baking products can be baked in a growing number of oven types.
  • Thanks to the faster baking time, the feeding speed of ovens with a moving conveyer grate can be increased.
  • There is less burner interference.
  • Problems with smoke and soot stains are reduced.

Some of the bakeries using the PARI Fuel Oil Additive have been able to decrease the baking temperature by up to 50 degrees (F) without lengthening the baking time.

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