The PARI Fuel Oil Additive enhances the burning of oil, thanks to which the oil releases significantly more energy as heat radiation. This in turn increases growth and improves crops while decreasing energy consumption. The productivity of the greenhouse increases and emissions decrease significantly!

Thanks to PARI, the overall energy consumption of the greenhouse can be decreased by more than 40% while crops keep growing. As the greenhouse capacity grows and production accelerates, you also decrease the consumption of electricity which adds to the savings achieved by using PARI.

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Open letters to greenhouse cultivators

We have written two open letters for greenhouse cultivators. In the letters, you will find further information on the significant effects of the PARI Fuel Oil Additive on the energy and production efficiency of greenhouses.

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It is possible to reduce the overall energy consumption of the greenhouse by more than 40% and grow the crops at the same time.

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Switching from oil to alternative fuels such as gas, peat, or biofuels in greenhouse heating slows growth because, with these fuels, the amount of the heat radiation entering the greenhouse, i.e. the heat summation, is lower than with oil.