The PARI Fuel Oil Additive serves private households, companies, and various industries in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. Our product range currently consists of two different options: The PARI Fuel Oil Additive and PARI light, which is especially designed for property heating.

Fuel oil has often been considered a challenging fuel in energy production because of, among other things, the environmental and cost-related factors as well as the storage and burning technical issues in aged oil systems.

The PARI Fuel Oil Additive meets these challenges by increasing the fuel oil's energy efficiency and by cleaning the fuel oil system and maintaining its cleanliness. Thanks to cleaner oil and a cleaner oil tank and transfer line, the oil enters the burner in a more homogeneous quality and burns more efficiently, which in turn enhances the energy utilization and the amount of heat radiation. This leads to savings of up to 40% in fuel oil expenses and a capacity increase of up to 60%.

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