Using the PARI Fuel Oil Additive in fuel oil heated properties can decrease the heating expenses by up to 40%! An energy efficient fuel oil burning creates more heat radiation and the oil's energy can be utilised more efficiently.

Advantages of PARI also include easier cleaning of the heating system and its parts as well as improved preservability of the fuel oil. When using PARI, the heat control characteristics can also be chosen from a lower level.

The PARI additive can be added to all light and heavy fuel oils as well as biodiesels (FAME) and renewable diesel.

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Reduce the heating expenses of your house or other property by up to 40%!

The PARI Fuel Oil Additive is available in several different quantities. The PARI light additive, designed for property heating, is available in 3 litre cans. Further information can be found on the PARI Fuel Oil Additive page »